Five Fingers make A Fist

Four people. Four lives. Four philosophies. One car. An unplanned journey. An accident. A mute man in the trunk. A woman in the middle of nowhere. And suddenly everything changes. 


Four former best buddies meet again at a funeral and involuntarily become a people smuggling gang. Allies become enemies, a harmless road trip becomes an absurd journey through the swedish outback. A ludicrous story full of hardships, black humour and macabre encounters. 


Directed by: Laura Fischer

Written by: Juri Sternburg

Produced by: Arto Sebastian, Karoline Henkel, Jasper Mielke


With: Lucas Reiber, Axel Schreiber, Benjamin Lillie, Karoline Teska, Jerry Hoffmann 



Genre: Buddy Movie, Road Movie

Production: Wood Water Films

Funding: various private investors

Year of Production: 2019

Status: In Financing