First Fall of the european wall

The art installation of “white crosses” collectively left the city’s government quarters to escape the commemoration festivities for the fall of the Berlin wall’s 25th anniversary. In an act of solidarity, the victims fled to their brothers and sisters across the European Union’s external borders, more precisely, to the future victims of the wall. Since the fall of the iron curtain, the EU’s border has taken 30,000 lives. (


Cast: Ines Schiller, Simon Mantei


Directed by: Cesy Leonard

Produced by: Karoline Henkel, Jasper Mielke

Creative Producer: Arto Sebastian

DoP: George Steffens,  Patryk Witt 

Production Design: Laura Rehkuh

Edited by: Felix Rudek

Sounddesign: Ludwig Bestehorn


Genre: Campagne film

Production: Zentrum für politische Schönheit, Wood Water Films

Year of production: 2014