Dímelo tú


A man throws a woman off a bridge. 


The woman, a roof tiler called Silke, survives the fall. Her sister Monika comes to visit and protect her. She even got herself a gun. She starts looking for the fugitive and develops detective skills. As her search deepens, she believes to discern different motives and patterns, but she can't get to the bottom of it. She can't find a motive for the crime - and neither do the victim or even the perpetrator. All of them start to despair.


Written & Directed by: Michael Fetter Nathansky

Produced by: Karoline Henkel, Jasper Mielke, Arto Sebastian

Producers: Virginia Martin, Anna-Sophie Philippi

DoP: Leander Ott

Editor: Camila Mercadal



Genre: Tragikomischer Episodenfilm im brandenburgischen Arbeitermilieu

Production: Wood Water Films

Co-production: RBB

Funding: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

Produktionsjahr: 2018 

Stand: In Produktion