You Tell Me

Feature film / 102 min / 2019 / cinema release: 15.10.2020

Due to an unexplicable act the destinies of three people collapse and dissolve into a dramaturgical dance about victims, offenders and the truth that lays between the lies.

You Tell Me

"Sooner or later everyone invents a story that he believes to be his life"

- Max Frisch 

Moni (38) does not have to invent anything in her life. Life itself has given her a task: She has to help her sister Silke (34) who was pushed off a bridge by a stranger. Since Silke survived the fall and the police assume that the offender was just a drunk, the incident is quickly classified as solved. But Moni does not believe in coincidences and decide to find the suspect. Silke must not find out about it, because she would never let Moni help her. After all, Silke has been disappointed by her big sister again and again over the last years and is not willing to let her back into her life. But the offender does not leave the sisters alone. His name is René (38) and before the crime, he was in harmony with his life. He has an intact relationship with his parents, a solid job, a close friendship. When one day, for no reason at all, he pushes Silke off a bridge, this triggers a radical change in his life. René does not recognize his action and begins to question himself and his environment more and more. In search of the origin of this outburst of violence, he slips into a spiral of self-doubt and struggles for redemption. One day Silke runs into him again. He follows her. And so begins an play between persecution and forgiveness, in which the sisters and the offender slowly but surely (re)discover the roles of their common history.

A melancholic film that plays with three different perspectives and constantly reinvents itself while searching for answers.



Cast: Gisa Flake, Christina Grosse, Marc Ben Puch
Written and Directed by: Michael Fetter Nathansky
Produced by: Karoline Henkel, Jasper Mielke, Arto Sebastian
Co-Producer: Virginia Martin, Anna-Sophie Philippi, Michael Fetter Nathansky
Cinematography by: Leander Ott
Edited by: Camila Mercadal
Production design: Jonathan Saal
Costume designJulia Kneusels


Genre: Tragicomedy
Producer: Wood Water Films
Co-producer: RBB, Cantando Films
Funding: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
German Distribution: MissingFILMs
Year of Production: 2019
Release: 15.10.2020
International Premiere Palm Springs International Film Festival 2020
Winner of the Filmkunstpreis at the 15th Festival des deutschen Films Ludwigshafen
Nomination First Steps Award 2019
Gisela Flake 'Best Actress in a Comedic Role' by the German Acting Award 2020
Best Screenplay, Best Production and Best Actress/Actor for the Ensemble (Gisa Flake, Christina Große and Marc Ben Puch) at achtung berlin 2020

Further festivals: Kinofest Lünen (Screenplay prize, special mention to the main actors/actresses), Filmz Mainz (audience award), Ahrenshooper Filmnächte (Screenplay prize; opening film), International Film festival Braunschweig, Biberacher Filmfestspiele, Internationales Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg, Sehsüchte Internationales Studierendenfilmfestival, Husumer Filmtage