Raw Materials

Feature film / 86 min / 2023

The construction site of a luxury building project at night: The ambitious construction manager Lutz has hired illegal construction workers to save costs. But a tragic accident occurs. The next day, a meeting with investors is suddenly disrupted by 14-year-old Irsa, who is looking for her father. While Lutz senses an opportunity to make his mark on a multi-million dollar project, Irsa's desperation keeps driving her towards him. To keep her off his construction site, he decides to take her away. On their journey together, a bond develops, marked by closeness and distance, guilt and responsibility.

Raw Materials



With: Angjela Prenci, Peter Schneider

Director: Tuna Kaptan
Writer: Fentje Hanke
Producers: Karoline Henkel, Jasper Mielke, Arto Sebastian
Junior Producer: Julia Franke   
Production Manager: Marco Grönwoldt
Commissioning Editors: Jan Berning (SWR), Daniela Muck (Arte), Claudia Gladziejewski (BR) 
DoP: Ben Bernhard
Production Design: Uli Friedrichs
Costume Design: Gudrun Leyendecker
Make-Up Artist: Charlotte Fleck
Editor: Beatrice Babin
Sound: Tom Weber
Music: Chiara Strickland
Sound Design/Mixing: Marc Fragstein
Casting: Ruth Hirschfeld, Odeta Kunaj, Anila Balla


Genre: Drama
Production: Wood Water Films
co-produced by: SWR, Arte, BR
funded by: MFG Baden-Württemberg und DFFF
Year of Production: 2023
german premiere: 57th Hofer Filmtage
Hofer Filmtage:
      best film / Förderpreis Neues Deutsches Kino

Raw Materials l