Silent Observers

Documentary / approx. 90 min / in post-production

Tonka, Arkan, Valya, Marga and Doncho are a horse, a dog, a goat, a cat and a donkey, from whose perspective we observe life in the mountain village of Pirin. The isolated village, where people and animals live in direct dependency of each other, gradually disappears and with it its centuries-old traditions.

Silent Observers


Writer & Director: Eliza Petkova
DoP: Constanze Schmitt
Sound: Hannes Marget
Producers: Karoline Henkel, Jasper Mielke, Arto Sebastian
Commission Editors: Rolf Bergmann (RBB), Dagmar Mielke (arte)


Genre: Documentary
Production: Red Carpet Ltd. (Bulgaria), Wood Water Films (Germany)
Channel: rbb/arte
Funded by: Eurimage, National Film Board Bulgaria
Status: in production