Do You Love Me

Documentary / approx. 80 min / in production

Do You Love Me, named after the Bendaly Family song that was released in 1978, is an archive-based essay documentary about the bitter sweet personal accounts of the generations that transitioned from youth to adulthood during and post the Lebanese Civil War. Their stories are interwoven with the songs and music of the time.

Do You Love Me



Writer & Director: Lana Daher
Producers: Karoline Henkel, Jasper Mielke, Arto Sebastian, Lana Daher


Genre: Documentary
Production: Wood Water Films
funded by:
Filmpreis der Robert Bosch Stiftung
Doha Film Institute Development Fund
Sundance Production Fund
AFAC Production Fund
IDFA Bertha Fund Classic Development Fund
IDFA Bertha Fund Classic Production Fund
Lebanese Film Fund 
Year of production: 2023
Status: In production