Beyond the Blue Border

Feature film / 102 min / 2024

GDR, August 1989: Hanna and Andreas became a target of the secret police and had to give up their plans for their future studies and desired professions. Instead, they face arbitrariness, mistrust and reprisals. Their only chance for a self-determined life lies in fleeing across the Baltic Sea. Fifty kilometres of water separate them from freedom - and only a thin connecting rope around their wrists saves them from absolute loneliness.


Beyond the Blue Border



With: Lena Urzendowsky, Willi Geitmann, Jannis Veihelmann

Writer & Director: Sarah Neumann
Adaptation of a novel by: Dorit Linke
Producers: Karoline Henkel, Jasper Mielke, Arto Sebastian
Producers Film Academy: Nicola Pantzke, Felix Schreiber
Production Manager: Maximilian Seidel
Commissioning Editors: Stefanie Groß (SWR), Jan Berning (SWR)
DoP: Nikolaus Schreiber 
Production Design: Lorena Hahn
Costume Design: Mara Laibacher
Make-Up Artist: Selina Schardt
Editor: Elena Schmidt
Sound Design: Max Hartstang
Music: Dominik Matzka
Casting: Patrick Dreikauss, Natascha Zimmermann



Genre: Historical Drama
Production: Wood Water Films 
co-produced by: SWR, arte
in cooperation with: Film Academy Baden-Württemberg
funded by: MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg
Year of Production: 2024

Germany Premiere: 45th Max Ophüls Prize Film Festival (FFMOP) 2024

Max Ophüls Prize Film Festival:
Audience Award Best Film
Best Young Actor for Willi Geitmann
Ecumenical Jury Prize


Beyond the Blue Borderl