Beyond the Blue Border

Feature film / 90 min / in Production

GDR, August 1989: Hanna and Andreas became a target of the secret police and had to give up their plans for their future studies and desired professions. Instead, they face arbitrariness, mistrust and reprisals. Their only chance for a self-determined life lies in fleeing across the Baltic Sea. Fifty kilometres of water separate them from freedom - and only a thin connecting rope around their wrists saves them from absolute loneliness.


Beyond the Blue Border

"Beyond the Blue Border" ("Jenseits der Blauen Grenze") is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Dorit Linke.

Nominated for the German Youth Literature Prize 2015.


Written and Directed bySarah Neumann
Adaption of a Novel by: Dorit Linke
Dramaturgy: Johanna Stuttmann

Production: Wood Water Films 
in coproduction with: SWR, arte
in cooperation with: Film Academy Baden-Württemberg

Producer Film Academy: Nicola Pantzke 
Production Manager: Maximilian Seidel
Cinematography by: Nikolaus Schreiber 
Edited by: Elena Schmidt
Production design: Lorena Hahn
Costume design: Mara Laibacher


Genre: Historical Drama
Production Year: 2020
Stand: in production