Feature Film / 90 min / in Production

After the death of her father, who was in need of care, KERSTIN, a taciturn woman in her mid-forties, slowly finds her way back into life on a kayak tour. Just as she begins to fall in love with another camper, her estranged brother enters the picture with an inheritance dispute. But Kerstin has no intention of dealing with it.

A quiet water hiking road movie as an elegiac ghost story in four chapters.


For 20 years, Kerstin Warwziniak (43) took care of her father. She began caring for him even before her own life had really begun. After her father's death, she was driven to the place of her childhood. She drives to the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte (district) and puts the old GDR kayak into the canal with everything needed for a water hike. Kerstin has not forgotten how to paddle. She spends two weeks in this place, where, between tourism and dreariness, she's trying to stay alone and talk only the bare minimum - until she meets Alima.


Script & Direction: Max Gleschinski

Production: Wood Water Films 

in Co-Production with: ZDF / Das Kleine Fernsehspiel

Cinematography: Jean-Pierre Meyer-Gehrke




Genre: Drama
Year of production: 2021
Status: in Produktion