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Xia Ban Jie / The Great Phuket

Xia Ban Jie / The Great Phuket

Feature Film / 97 min / 2024

After the piece of land on which Li Xing lives with his mother and stepfather is confiscated, the life of the unruly fourteen-year-old changes drastically. His family and school situation, as well as his conflictual relationship with a classmate, cause him trouble. Together with his only friend Song, he discovers a long-abandoned tunnel made of magnetic stone in the ruins of the current "Greater Phuket" development area, which is said to carry sounds and images from times past. A place that embeds the unreal so naturally into Li's life that his fragile internal world connects with it.

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July 2024 | The House

THE HOUSE wins SWR Series Competition

The horror-mystery series about a German-Chinese family history in the Black Forest has prevailed over more than 180 submissions in the regional SWR series competition "Deep in the Southwest" and is now in production.

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February 2024 | Xia Ban Jie / The Great Phuket

Xia Ban Jie / The Great Phuket premieres at Berlinale / Generation14+

World Premiere sat, feb 17th, 7 pm @ HKW
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